All 4 Madagascar Movies in Release Order


Madagascar is one of the most iconic animation projects of the 2000s. Its unique premise and hilarious comedy won millions worldwide. Fans of the franchise were delighted to see more Madagascar-related projects released throughout the years in various forms, such as spin-off movies, tv shows, video games, and theme park attractions. Although reviews weren’t always positive, fans connected deeply with the unforgettable characters such as Alex, Gloria, Marty, Melman and their noble leader King Julien. The penguins that accompany them on their adventures also won our hearts. Altogether, they told amazing stories full of escapades, and we will remember them for a long time.

all Madagascar Movies

All 4 Madagascar Movies In Order

  1. Madagascar

    Directors: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

    Writers: Eric Darnell, Mark Burton, Billy Frolick

    Stars: Chris Rock(voice), Ben Stiller(voice), David Schwimmer(voice)

    The 2005 Dreamworks movie Madagascar is a delightful romp through the eyes of four lion-hearted characters as they find their way out of the Central Park Zoo. Through creative animation, an amusing soundtrack and a cadre of talented voice actors, this beloved family film has become a classic that stirs up equal parts excitement and laughter in its viewers. Featuring the original voices of Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock, the movie follows an eclectic group of animals as they dodge animal control officers, join up with circus performers, cross treacherous waterways and brave dense jungles, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the evil captors closing in around them.

    A lion named Alex, an optimistic zebra, named Marty, a giraffe called Melman and Gloria, a hippopotamus, must make their way back to New York City while running into all sorts of wild adventures along the way. During their journey, they meet members from other animal species and learn important lessons about friendship and teamwork. Along the way, they encounter various creatures such as lemurs and fossa – ferocious carnivores determined to make them their next meal. Whether it’s your first time watching or you have seen it dozens of times, Madagascar is sure to capture anyone’s imagination.

  2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

    Directors: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

    Writers: Etan Cohen, Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

    Stars: Ben Stiller(voice), Chris Rock(voice), David Schwimmer(voice)

    When Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe, Marty the Zebra, and Gloria the Hippo, along with four penguins, set off in a makeshift airplane to return to Central Park Zoo from Madagascar, their plane is brought crash-landing down into African Nature Reserve. This place is far more different than what they have been used to as it is full of additional animal species that can be dangerous for them.

    After making some new acquaintances at this place, Alex understands what being a lion king truly means. But now they are faced with a dilemma- stay here in the wild or go back to Central Park Zoo. The group must make a tough decision which will either keep them away from their traditional homes or put them in grave danger.

  3. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

    Directors: Eric Darnell, Conrad Vernon, Tom McGrath

    Writers: Mark Burton, Eric Darnell, Noah Baumbach,

    Stars: Jada Pinkett Smith(voice), Ben Stiller(voice), Chris Rock(voice)

    It is a light-hearted comedy that immerses its viewers in Central Park Zoo animals’ zany antics on a captivating, wild escapade. Produced by DreamWorks Animation, this third installment of the Madagascar film series takes our beloved animal protagonists throughout Europe with hopes of not only making it home but also foiling Animal Control. Directed by Eric Darnell, Conrad Vernon and Tom McGrath, this Paramount Pictures movie follows a runaway circus troupe as they cross France and Italy to reach freedom.

    Alex and his friends thought a trip to Monte Carlo would be the ultimate excitement; meeting penguins and chimpanzees to fly back to New York was just the icing on the cake. Little did they know, though, that these creatures were working at a casino and saving their money for a flight back home to Africa. Before they knew it, Alex was trying to kidnap them. They were all caught by an animal traffic officer intent on putting Alex’s head in her collection! Their journey finds them in treacherous situations, entertaining encounters with imaginary characters and persuasive European circus animals along the way.

  4. Penguins of Madagascar

    Directors: Eric Darnell, Simon J. Smith

    Writers: Michael Colton, John Aboud, Brandon Sawyer

    Stars: Tom McGrath(voice), Christopher Knights(voice), Chris Miller(voice)

    This computer-animated spy action comedy follows the intrepid adventures of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private as they join forces with a secret intelligence agency named North Wind to save their fellow penguins from the tyrant octopus, Dave. Voice actors such as Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights, Conrad Vernon, and Benedict Cumberbatch bring life to these beloved characters as they embark on a wild ride to save the world.

    It follows a group of four penguin buddies: Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico. Together they hatch hilarious schemes to make their daily lives more enjoyable. After their home in Central Park Zoo is infiltrated by a group of cunning lemurs led by the villainous but charismatic King Julien XIII, the North Wind, an elite undercover inter-species task force, recruits our four heroes.

    Penguins of Madagascar is a hilarious movie full of genuine humor and dramatic characters. The graphics throughout the movie are incredibly realistic, with bright colors and cartoonish yet extremely believable settings; this contributes to the intensity of the action sequences and heightens each joke. The penguins provide good-natured comedy for their manic mission, leaving audiences laughing for hours after leaving the theater as some jokes remain in your mind, never-ending.

Final Thought

Since its debut in 2005 with Madagascar, DreamWorks Animation has captivated viewers of all ages with its beloved Madagascar franchise. With four movies that combine rollicking comedy and thrilling adventures, the series follows the journey of four escaped animals from a New York Zoo – a lion, hippo, giraffe, and zebra – as they return to the wild and explore different parts of the world. Kids can journey with these lovable friends as they experience hilarious hijinks while battling obstacles like rivals, predators, wars and an alien invasion. There’s no shortage of laughs or thrills within this incredible animated universe. It is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an entertaining, family-friendly movie night.

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