Special Guest: Barbara Wynns and Allen Sherrod

Barbara and Allen looking at each other

Barbara Wynns and Allen Sherrod

Barbara Wynns

Barbara Wynns is a mermaid bearing a world of experience and history. She carries a history of the Weeki Wachee owned by ABC paramount in the 60′ and 70’s. She performed as a volunteer for 16 years thereafter, bringing that history even further. Altogether, she has donned a tail for 21 years with performance up to three times a day. On top of that, she’s a world-class diver who has dived in locations around the world.

Now she wants to give back. She has put aside time during Friday’s open swim to give valuable tips and teach new mermaids how to perform in tail to underwater music. Everyone interested must provide their own tail. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and swim with her!

Allen “The Grouper” Sherrod

Allen Sherrod isn’t just a highly experienced diver. He’s a world record holder.

He set the records for the longest SCUBA dives in open fresh water (120 hours, 14 minutes, 32 seconds), and last September for open saltwater (51 hours, 4 minutes and 28 seconds). If you combine just those two successful attempts, that’s over a weeks time underwater.

Allen will be arriving at Merfest to showcase his SCULS units, or Self Contained Underwater Loud Speaker, which helped him through the long record attempts. Merfest will be using SCULS for all underwater activities, so attendees will be able to experience this innovation themselves. They will also have the opportunity to purchase this for enhancing their own events.

Allen underwater in SCUBA gear with Mermaid Paige

Allen Sherrod and Mermaid Paige of Virginia Beach