To Be a Pirate; Talk the talk, walk the walk
Ship Lady
Ship Lady

Fer almost 6 years since I became a pirate; I learned how ta dress like one. From wenchy ta Lady Ship all the way ta the highest fashion. I had doing research what ta wear or not. I know what can make ye look anywhere from a rogue pirate ta a dashin' pirate.

Ye can make the change too, from a common land lubber, to a rowdy rogue or sexy, sassy pirate. Learn ta walk, talk and dress like a pirate. Bring out yer inner pirate.

Caribbean Pearl in Night Lady Gown
Night Lady Gown
Caribbean Pearl on a rocky shore
Caribbean Pirate
Caribbean Pearl in Day Lady Gown with a parasol
Day Lady Gown
Caribbean Pearl in tattered outfit pointing a gun
Caribbean Pearl in Barbary outfit
Caribbean Pearl in Wench clothes