Special Guest: Hannah Fraser

Hannah underwater in blue and black stripe tail

Hannah is a Real Life Mermaid, who performs and swims around the globe, bringing awareness and exposure to the Ocean environment. She has been performing underwater for over 11 years and was the first person to make a full time career out of being a professional mermaid. She has performed in numerous exotic locations appearing in worldwide media, TV interviews, documentaries, films, music videos, commercials, live events, aquariums and advertising campaigns swimming in the open ocean with sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, manta rays and many more..

As a dedicated Ocean activist, Hannah travels the world performing for charity projects and commercial ventures to bring awareness to the ocean and it’s precious animal life. She has given talks to thousands of people for numerous large scale events on ocean conservation and underwater performance.

Hannah underwater in tail with a school of fish

Hannah has built her underwater modeling and mermaid brand to be the foremost underwater mermaid performer in the world, working with some of the best underwater photographers, including award winning cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs. She is currently shooting a documentary featuring her work as a mermaid due for release in 2015, titled ‘TEARS OF A MERMAID’.

She also recently featured in a activist art piece as the first human to dance with Tiger Sharks on the ocean floor.

More on Youtube: Hannah Fraser.