To Be a Mermaid; Underwater Modeling

Rachel Smith by Lance Miller

Rachel Smith is a professional hula dancer, freelance illustrator, the Head Mermaid at the Dive Bar in Sacramento and an amateur movie fanatic. Her love of films, especially mermaid films, began as many did, with a viewing of Splash in her childhood. Since, mermaids have filled her art, her television screen and, eventually, her life! She’s thrilled to be participating in NC Merfest this year and can’t wait to share her ‘mer-nerd’ film knowledge with everyone.

Sirens of the Silver Screen – Mermaids in Film

Mermaids have captured the minds of filmmakers since the advent of the motion picture industry. This workshop explores and details the history of the mermaid in film; from popular movies such as Disney’s the Little Mermaid and Splash, to cult classics such as She Creature and Night Tide. We will explore the tailmakers, the actresses, the trivia and the innovations in our favorite genre. Come learn about your favorites and expand your mermaid movie library with new finds. Class appropriate for all ages, but some adult themes will be discussed.

Workshop will include

  • Lecture w/ slides and video clips
  • Trivia game w/ full Sirens of the Silver Screen Paper Doll as prizes
  • Two-page Sirens of the Silver Screen Paper Doll for everyone in workshop
  • Little Mermaid Sing-along
  • Filmography handout for future mermaid film watching
Poster for the movie Splash

Poster for the movie Splash

Poster for the movie Splash