To Be a Pirate; Small Firearms

Damon Tobin loading a gun and holding a gun

Damon Tobin

My name is Damon Tobin, Battalion Chief of Training with the High Point Fire Department. I have been working with black powder small arms flintlocks and cannons for the last 6 years. I am certified with the National Parks Service on firing cannons and insured through the RE.

I will be educating on the safety, rules and regulations, inspection and maintenance for black powder small arms firing demonstrations. Show how to properly roll cartridges for cannons and pistols.

Damon Tobin demonstrating a small cannon

Demonstrating Small Arms

This Black Powder Safety and Education Presentation will enlighten the flintlock enthusiast on the history of black powder during the Golden Age of Piracy (GAOP) 1680 – 1730. The enthusiast will be shown different types of flintlock pistols, long rifles and Specialty weapons. The enthusiast will be taught how to inspect your weapon and the safety procedures in loading and firing the flintlock. We will cover Rules and Regulations that must be followed on firing lines in private and public events. You will be shown the proper way to handle your black powder in storage and when you roll your cartridges. Finally you will be shown the proper way to clean your weapon after use. All the information you need to have a safe and exciting firing experience.