To Be a Mermaid; Underwater Modeling

Iara Mandyn in tail, underwater in a bathtub

Improve your mer skills in the magical underwater world. Professional underwater model Iara Mandyn will teach you basic techniques and safety guidelines for underwater photograph, video, and performance work.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of underwater modeling for mermaiding and other applications. Underwater modeling is a unique form of modeling with its own specific set of skills and hazards. Training will begin out of the water and progress to in-pool techniques. Topics we’ll cover include: comfort underwater; relaxed facial expressions and opening your eyes; beginner breath control; buoyancy control; posing with and without a tail; communication techniques; and working with photographers in front of a camera. We’ll also be emphasizing safe underwater practices. Basic swimming skills and comfort in the water are required.

Iara Mandyn is a professional underwater model and mermaid who has been working in the photography and film industries for over 10 years. She has a BFA with a concentration in photography, advanced scuba certifications, and lifeguard experience.