The Merfest Staff

Meet the think tank behind Merfest!
Founder Christomer Starfish in tail by Mertailor

Christomer Starfish
The Mer-King

Founder and principal orgainzer of NC Merfest and NC Merfolk. ChristoMer has had the dream of becoming a merman since he was a child. He has been training extensively for two years practicing breath hold, scuba, yoga, weight lifting, and free diving with a monofin. He also has extensive practice with underwater photography and modeling.

Mermaid Atlantis in tail by Finfolk

Mermaid Atlantis
Luma Jaguar

Costume designer and performer Mermaid Atlantis lends her talents towards the event execution of NC Merfest. She handles all scheduling, talent, parties, and the fashion show. If you have any questions regarding any of the above items, please feel free to contact her directly at

Mermaid Aquanette in tail by Finfolk

Mermaid Aquanette
Caroline Nelson

Caroline Nelson is the president of NC Merfolk and is proud to help present NC Merfest. She is highly motivated to learn and help all merfolk. As a principal officer of NC Merfolk she has taken her role as leader in stride and looks forward to any and all endeavors for the future.

Creative Director Daphne Clem

Mermaid K√°shara
Daphne Clem

Daphne Clem is the creative face behind Merfest. Under the umbrella of her freelance company Sunaiad Creative, she handles the creative direction, illustration and marketing for all online and printed promotional material for Merfest. She can be contacted at for questions, comments and queries regarding this website and other visual material.

Webmaster Greg Clem

Merwrangler Greg
Gregory Clem

Gregory Clem is the webmaster behind Merfest, works with his wife Daphne Clem under her Sunaiad Creative, LLC. He transforms her web designs into reality, adapting it all to make it highly responsive, compatible and easy to use. Contact Greg at with any questions or comments.

Vendor Coordinator

Ken Om Crampton

Ken is an Artist, Facilitator, Event Designer and Teacher with over 20 years of experience in building community through the Rhythm and Arts. He’s worked with various communities to design programs that are fun and enlightening. He is happy to bring his experience to the NC Merfest team.